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Keynote - Paul Vann

founder and CEO at Vanntech cyber

Paul Vann is an 11th grade student in the Commonwealth Governor’s School in Virginia.  Mr. Vann is also the founder and CEO of his own startup business, VannTech Cyber.  He has an interest in physics, mathematics, cybersecurity, and computer programming.  

Mr. Vann spent the summer interning with the cyber security company Threat Connect in Virginia.  He has since been asked to stay onboard during the school year to continue his research into malicious software.

Mr. Vann has spoken at numerous cyber security conference around the country on topics such as Russian Malware, the Energy sector, and Honeypots.  

Mr. Vann has hopes to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and continue his work in physics and math after finishing high school.


Keynote Presentation Abstract:

The Cybersecurity industry is a growing industry all across the globe, with billions of dollars flowing into it, and millions of workers apart of it.  As the industry grows larger, a growing number of students in primary and secondary schools will need to be educated on the inner workings of the field, and gain the expertise it entails to prepare students for the cybersecurity careers of tomorrow   

I will be discussing the opportunities and resources that I have been given that have helped me grow into the cybersecurity leader I am today, and how to provide these resources to other students all across the country.  I will also discuss the avenues that other students can take towards entering the cyber field, and how to motivate children to be interested in a cybersecurity profession.  

Cybersecurity is an emerging industry and a major issue for companies and organizations all across the world with new threats being discovered every day.  To properly prepare for these threats as they grow in number, we must begin preparing students for careers in cybersecurity, and give them avenues to enter the field.