The following presentations are available for download for free via BaseCamp. Presentations can also be found on the Speaker Bio pages:

Academic & Career Cybersecurity Pathways That Work: Pikes Peak, CO Case Study (Day 1, Session 5, Green Track - Identify Academic & Career Pathways) Speakers: Bill Tomeo, Colorado Springs School District 1; Chelsy Harris, Pikes Peak Community College; Patty Bonvallet, Boecore, Inc.

Business Professionals of America - Workforce Skills Assessment Program (Day 1, Session 4.2, Yellow Track - Increase Cybersecurity Career Awareness) Speaker: Patrick Schultz, Business Professionals of America

Closing the Gap: DHS K-12 Curricula & Resources for Cybersecurity Education (Day 1, Session 2, Blue Track - Stimulate Innovative Educational Approaches) Speaker: Princess Young, U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Cybersecurity Communications

Creating a Safe Environment for Students in an Era of Omnipresent Technology (Day 1, Session 2, Purple Track - Promoting Cyber Awareness) Speakers: Eric Green, Cyber adAPT; Winn Schwarteau, The Security Awareness Company

Cyber Safety in the Classroom (Day 2, Session 3.1, Purple Track - Promoting Cyber Awareness) Speaker: Patrick Craven, Center for Cyber Safety and Education (Formerly the (ISC)² Foundation)

Cybersecurity Career Awareness for Educators and Administrators (Day 2, Session 4.2, Yellow Track - Increase Cybersecurity Career Awareness) Speaker: Tonya Mead, President, Shared Knowledge LLC

Innovation in STEM Education: Training Teachers to Integrate Cybersecurity (Day 1, Session 5, Orange Track - Infusing Cybersecurity Across the Education Portfolio) Speaker: Jessica Ivy, Mississippi State University

Liability for Schools and Administrators Related to the Cyber Security, Cyberbullying, and Student Information (Day 1, Session 5, Purple Track - Promoting Cyber Awareness) Speakers: Larry D. Teverbaugh. Paula deWitte. Lisa London, CareerSafe, LLC

Michigan Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (Day 2, Session 1, Blue Track - Integrating Innovative Cybersecurity Educational Approaches) Speakers: Patrick Schultz, Bay-Arenac ISD Career Center; Carlos Garcia, Jackson College; Dennis Klaas, Warren Career Preparation Center

Remote Virtual Lab Access: A Model to Building K-12 Career Pathways in Cybersecurity (Day 1, Session 5, Blue Track - Stimulate Innovative Educational Approaches) Speaker: Joanne Sexton, Director, Augusta University Cyber Institute, Augusta University

The NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NICE Framework)(Day 2, Session 3.2, Orange - Infusing Cybersecurity Across the Educational Portfolio) Speakers: Bill Newhouse, Clarence Williams, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE)

The Virginia Cyber Range: Proving Cloud-Based Resources for Cybersecurity Education (Day 2, Session 3, Blue Track - Stimulate Innovative Educational Approaches) Speaker: Sandra Schiavo, Virginia Cyber Range